Why should you choose us?

BeneGuides was founded with one goal in mind: to help people make sense of health insurance. We know that health insurance and benefits can be confusing, and people often need to think about them during challenging transitions in their lives. We're here to help ease the stress with choosing your health insurance and even make it make sense. Our job is to equip you with the information that you need to make the best decision for yourself or your family, so we have more of a cooperative style.

Our Team

Justine Bell


About Justine

Justine Bell is the owner and ship's captain at BeneGuides. She grew up in the Lansing area, left for a few years to attend Earlham College in Richmond, IN, and then returned to Michigan with her new husband in tow. She worked exclusively for animal shelters until her son was born in 2014 and she had to find a job that wasn’t with a non-profit in order to cover the cost of daycare. With a constant need to feel like she was making the world around her a better place to live, she quickly found her niche in the health insurance field, where people seemed to have a lot of questions and even more anxiety. She found that if she could help people understand their choices and feel comfortable and safe in the choices that they were making, she would head home each day feeling happy and fulfilled.

Outside of work, you will find her spending time with her husband Nate and son Harrison. She loves being a part of her community, and she enjoys volunteering with many groups including Junior League of Lansing, Lansing Women’s Forum, and consulting for L-Town Jubilee. She has a rescue Aussie/Border Collie named Asher, and they can often be found walking around their hobby farm checking on the chickens or cows together.

Liz Thompson

Individual & Marketplace

About Liz

Liz Thompson is the Marketplace Enrollment Partner here at BeneGuides. Liz started out as an assistant for Justine at the beginning of 2020, and helped hold things down while the world was reeling. As time went on, and Liz started to become more accustomed to the health insurance world, she eventually grew into her very own agent, and now helps people on her own. Liz also assists with our Benefits department, helping business owners provide coverage to their employees.

Outside of the agency, Liz lives in Old Town with her husband, young son, two dogs and two cats. She enjoys finding new and fun places to eat, and will gladly talk about any kind of recipe you can think of! When she is not deciding what to have for dinner, she is deciding what color to dye her hair next. Liz is a bright, and welcoming addition to our team at BeneGuides, and we are sure you will get along great! Be prepared for a laugh, and to walk out with a smile on your face after meeting with her.

Lauren Vandlen


About Lauren

Lauren is a Medicare Enrollment Partner at BeneGuides. She grew up in East Central Indiana and migrated to the Lansing area after attending and graduating from Huntington University, where she met her husband (who is a Dimondale native). After staying at home with her 3 children for 6 years she decided it was time to interact with adults again and re-entered the workforce part time in the dental world. Fast forward 8 years and she is now fulfilled by helping Seniors seamlessly enter the world of Medicare. She loves to know that she has relieved the stress that often comes along with the process.

Outside of work you will find her cheering on her daughter's travel softball teams, and her son's baseball team. She loves being outdoors during the summer with friends and family. Hobbies include kayaking, reading, sewing, and interior design. You will often find her curled up with a book while sipping a cup of coffee. Lauren lives with her husband Nate and three children Paeton, Harper and Cooper. She also has two adorable pups Tucker and Skye.



About Sam

Samantha is the Group Specialist at BeneGuides. A Texas and Indiana native, Samantha brings a diverse perspective to BeneGuides, and with a background in customer service and human resources, she brings a wealth of experience and a down-to-earth perspective that resonates with our values. She finds genuine satisfaction in the art of cleaning and organizing, ensuring harmony and order wherever she goes. That same ethos is applied to the connections she forms with our clients, helping bring order to the chaos of healthcare with expertise, passion, and warmth.

When she isn't handling client needs, you'll find her with her husband Ned, her two delightful daughters Kendall and Eryn, and her two fur babies. She is passionate about her culinary pursuits, where she transforms ingredients into wonderful creations and, once she manages a break, enjoys relaxing in a pool. Samantha is excited to help new and current group healthcare clients find the coverage they need.

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